Truck drivers help stop a man from committing suicide

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Genesee County (WJRT) (4/24/2018) - The powerful images have been making the rounds on social media Tuesday.

Michigan state troopers out of metro Detroit say they've done this before. Several truck drivers say they've never seen or heard of this before. But without a moment of hesitation, they would do this if called up for action.

13 semi-trucks lined up underneath a metro Detroit overpass above I-696.

State troopers put them there to shorten a fall of one man attempting suicide early Tuesday morning.

These truck drivers are always on a tight schedule and are often pulling long hours to make their stops.

Veteran drivers say they're not surprised to see this selfless act to stop for several hours to make sure this man went home safely.

“That's real big because sometime if you don't make your dock time, they won't take you. They'll make you sit and wait to get loaded or unloaded again. So, them truck drivers went out of their way, believe me,” Ray Chapman, who is a trucker, said.

Troopers closed down that area of the highway in Huntington Woods.

MSP's Lieutenant Mike Shaw says as semis began pulling up to the blocked off portion they were waved down to help save this man's life.

“They want to help out too. Nobody wants to see somebody take their own life. If it takes parking your truck underneath an overpass for a couple of hours to make sure somebody is safe they are more than willing to do that the trucking community,” Shaw said.

After four hours the man walked off to waiting officers and to seek medical help.

“Us as truckers we are away from families a lot and we see a lot, and it's dangerous out on the roads. So, whenever we can help out, we do,” Martin Patterson, who is a trucker, said.

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