Tucker Memorial Pool in Flushing to be demolished

(04/15/19)- It was a staple for decades, but the Tucker Memorial pool in Flushing has seen better days.

The pool has been closed for several years and now city officials say it will stay that way, permanently.

"My last memory at Tucker Pool would be when I was in sixth grade. We took a field trip and we all walked down from the elementary school to down there," said Flushing resident, Marisa Sweeney.

The Tucker Memorial pool in Flushing has been closed for several years. but Marisa Sweeney had always hoped it one day.. reopen.

"I have 2 year old now, so it would nice to be able to share that experience with her, " Sweeney said

But there's no longer a chance of that happening.

City Officials tell us, there are plans to demolish it.

"It's sad, it's going to be different. I've worked here for about 6 years, ever since I got out of high school.

Marisa works at the Flushing A, walking distance from Tucker pool.

"It's kind of upsetting. It brought us business in here and nice seeing kids outside, doing thing" said Flushing A manager, Steve Pease.

Steve Pease says besides the ecomonic impact of the permanent closure, public pools are few and far in between in most communities these days and that's disappointing.

"It's a good thing for the community because a of people can't afford air conditioning, just keeps people from being home, kids being at home getting on their parents nerves, They could go down to tucker pool and cool off, " Pease said.

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