Tuscola County Commissioners pass resolution, standing against executive orders unanimously

TUSCOLA COUNTY (WJRT) (05/14/2020) - Leaders in one Mid-Michigan County are demanding more information on the spread of COVID-19, specific to their area.

They're also encouraging businesses to determine their best approach to reopen safely without state restrictions.

"'Move Tuscola County Forward" is the resolution the County Board of Commissioners voted on unanimously during Thursday's meeting in Caro. It's reportedly the first resolution of its kind fighting back on Governor Gretchen Whitmer's executive orders.

"48% of all the employees of Tuscola County are employed by small businesses, so you could imagine how the pain is and stuff, and that was the main reason for putting this together to stop the bleeding," District 3 County Commissioner, Kim Vaughn said.

The resolution says the governor dismissing the legislature's decision to deny extending a state of emergency is creating consequences for businesses and violating individual rights.

It also adds the governor did not give sufficient data to explain why the state of emergency should be applied to all counties across Michigan.

Vaughan says their county has the information to open on its own.

"We think we addressed it in that resolution real well with everything, as far as the elderly. We know who's most at risk here," Vaughn said.

The resolution, however, demands more information from the governor within three days, including numbers on hospital beds, emergency room visits, and deaths from nursing and retirement homes, to name a few.

Vaughn knows even with a 5 to 0 vote, they'll need more than that.

"This has got to be a collaboration of a whole county. It can't be county commissioners or whatever. It's got to be cities, villages, townships. It's got to be everybody," Vaughn said.

There was an outpouring of support on the Tuscola County Economic Development Corporation Facebook page, with comments including, "So proud of Tuscola County! Thank you for supporting your residents and small businesses!"

Another user added, "Thank you Tuscola County! Way to stand up for your citizens."

While others were more skeptical, like one user who said, "I for one do not want to be exposed because we hurried things up."

This isn't a done deal, though. Vaughn says the next step is for everything to be turned over to the county clerk. That timeline right now, is unknown.

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