Two more firearms recovered from Saginaw Township gun heist

Police say four suspects broke into Showtime Guns & Ammo in Saginaw Township early...
Police say four suspects broke into Showtime Guns & Ammo in Saginaw Township early Friday and stole about 40 guns. (WJRT)
Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 5:09 PM EDT
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New details in a crime that shocked a mid-Michigan community.

Nearly 50 guns were stolen and the suspects were mainly Saginaw Township high school athletes.

Few guns have been recovered, but some are now starting to surface.

"To get that many as fast as it took them to get in and out, that is quite a bit," says John Pias, Assistant Special Agent of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Police say five teenagers stole 49 guns from Showtime Guns and Ammo in Saginaw Township last August. They were arrested a few weeks later.

Three of the suspects charged as adults, who are now 18, remain in jail and two juveniles are also charged in the case. They are all awaiting court dates.

Four are students at Heritage High School.

By January, only nine of the weapons were recovered, but that changed last week, as one was found in a Saginaw Police traffic stop, and another was found Tuesday night by Michigan State Police troopers during an investigation of a stolen vehicle from Bay City that was located in Saginaw.

Several people in those cases are in custody.

Is it possible eleven months later, someone is trying to move the guns, thinking the attention the crime originally attracted has now decreased?

"Well that is certainly a possibility, but its also possible those two firearms you mentioned had been in the hands of the people that they were caught with, and they just happened to get caught with them, streak of bad luck on their part, good luck on the police part," says Pias.

Investigators have not been getting cooperation from the suspected gun thieves on the whereabouts of the stolen firearms.

Pias says now that more people are in custody in connection with the missing weapons, investigators have more people to ask; where did you get these guns?

"Maybe they will have a chance of heart and do the right thing and tell us where the firearm came from," he says.

49 stolen, now eleven recovered, and 38 missing.

"The investigation is still open and if anyone has information leading to the whereabouts of the remaining firearms that are out there, we would certainly like to hear from those people," says Pias.