UPDATE: Repairs planned after wind turbine blades fail

Published: Jun. 26, 2017 at 11:52 PM EDT
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(06/27/17) - New details revealed Tuesday after we aired video of a Saginaw County wind turbine with two busted blades.

It stands 160-feet tall and is owned by NextEra Energy Resources.

A spokesman for the company says workers were alerted that two blades broke when the Blumfield Township turbine went offline.

Plans call for the Gera Road blade to be taken down and replaced.

It's believed to be a rare, isolated issue and was not weather related.


(06/26/17) - Scary moments for in rural Saginaw County.

A wind turbine in Blumfield Township somehow failed crumpling two blades, mid air!

The broken turbine is on Gera Road, near Hack.

One blade is bent, the other is completely destroyed.

It's believe that strong winds are to blame, but we do not have conformation from the owner of the unit.

Neighbors say they're just glad it stayed together instead of crashing to the ground.

An access drive to the blade was fenced off after the incident as a safety precaution until it can be repaired.

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