University of Michigan-Flint nursing program introduces new curriculum

FLINT (WJRT) (8/16/2019) - University of Michigan-Flint is introducing a new curriculum for one of their most prestigious nursing programs.

After two decades, the university's registered nurse to bachelor of science in nursing program is changing their curriculum.

"We listened to the nurses who were coming here and we decreased the number of courses within the core of the program,"said Jamie Koonmen with University of Michigan-Flint. "We've added things like health policy and informatics, which are becoming extremely important for nurses to know about."

The changes come after those who have gone through it, suggested adding new courses to the online program.

"The nurses felt they were having a redundant curriculum within the program. They felt they had already learned a lot of these things. What we did was make the content more relevant," said Koonman. "We feel we have reduced redundancy as well as increasing what nurses need to know to meet the ever changing healthcare environment of today."

The new curriculum will now offer 15 automatic credits for those who have already passed the NCLEX exam.

"The residency rule at U of M-Flint is 45, but they're meeting 15 of that and so we have reduced the number of credits the students have to take, as well as the time and the money," said Koonmen.

These changes will be implemented this upcoming fall semester.