U of M vs MSU autonomous vehicles

Published: Jan. 17, 2018 at 6:52 PM EST
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(1/17/2018) - The University of Michigan and Michigan State University autonomous teams are showing off their progress to a driverless vehicle.

"I would say that we are definitely better than many of the universities in that particular area of autonomous vehicles including the University of Michigan,” MSU Professor Hayder Radha said.

"So, it's only fitting that we remain involved as the industry is moving into the next version of whatever that looks like,” U of M Director of Communications Susan Carney said.

The two teams are in the basement of Cobo Hall for the annual North American International Auto Show.

MSU is not holding back.

The Spartan team is showing off their achievements with two full-screen

TV monitors of what the car sees and videos of their SUV tackling snowy conditions.

PhD Student Daniel Kent gave ABC 12 his thoughts about being in the front seat while the SUV drove itself in snow.

"It was a little disconcerting,” Kent said.

U of M is not going down without a fight.

Susan Carney with M-City, where driverless technology is tested, highlights how researchers can further explore advancements in the industry.

"A number of developers can use this car and might swap out sensors to try out something different and then they can take it out in the Mcity testing facility and improve it out there,” Carney said.

Being next to each other for several days at the Auto Show these two universities are making the best of it.

Both teams agree they're collaborating to see how to better keep the state of Michigan on the top spot for driverless vehicles.

"I think each university is doing things a little bit differently and that's good because you get to focus on different things and the whole community benefits from that,” Kent said.

"To making sure Michigan remains the center of automotive development and the center for innovation and the technology and the industry as the modes of transportation are changing,” Carney said.

U of M also has on display their driverless shuttle that's set to open to riders by spring.

MSU plans on showcasing a second driverless vehicle part of an elite challenge during the charity preview this Friday.