UAW Local 598 prepares for strike at Flint Assembly

FLINT (WJRT) (09/15/19) - Flint UAW workers waiting for the go ahead from Local 598 Union leaders, before walking off the line at the Flint Truck Assembly plant tonight.

UAW Local 598 Chairman, Eric Welter says this will be a taxing process, but the UAW is all about sacrifice.

"We sacrifice more than just when GM gets in trouble. We sacrifice times with our family working different.shifts. We sacrifice when they got moved across the country. They sacrifice their bodies with this type of work. We sacrifice at every turn, so the sacrifice doesn't worry anyone. We're accustomed to that. GM is not," Welter said.

At midnight, Welter will be back in the plant and will shut the assembly line down.

He'll then walk the workers out.

Some of them will report immediately for registration and picketing while others will go home and return at their scheduled times.

He says here in Flint, he feels the people are behind the union workers and better pay. He's hearing honking already, and that support helps keep him uplifted.

"That's really the difference that you know you're doing the right thing. The workers, we're trying to get benefits for ourselves and each others, so we have an agenda, but the person driving by that honks, the guy that stops and drops water off, the people that stop and tell us to stick with it, that means something," Welter said.

Welter says he has faith in his bargaining team, and he believes they're going to make this happen.

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