U.S. State Dept. warns about traveling to portions of Mexico

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Frankenmuth (WJRT) - (8/23/17) - If you're planning to travel to Mexico soon you may want to reconsider. The U.S. State Department has just issued a travel warning.
The federal government wants you to think very carefully before you decide to go south of the border.

The U.S. State Department is warning Americans traveling to Cancun or Los Cabos that there has been violence there. Those are two of Mexico's most popular destinations. But the warning has not reached the point that airlines or travel agencies have cancelled any plans.

"I know for a fact if this were that unsafe they would be saying the deal's off, we're not traveling there," said John Schmitt, Frankenmuth Travel Service president.

The State Department issued the warning because Americans have been the victims of violent crimes there. Schmitt says you have to be smart when visiting Mexico.

"We wouldn't recommend, for example, renting a car and leaving town and going off on your own," said Schmitt.

All-inclusive resorts offer the highest level of security available in the country.

"Keep in mind these all-inclusive resorts were created years ago from the stand point of keeping the level of service high, certainly, but also the safety and security measures that are in place," said Schmitt.

And if you should venture into town, ask the people at the hotel for advice.

"They can offer that advice to where the safe places to go are and where the safe places may not be to travel to," said Schmitt.

And recently Mexican hotels and resorts have been investigated after several complaints about tainted alcohol. The best advice for tourists; be cautious.

"Travelers just have to be aware and do their due diligence and we take part in that too helping the travelers understand where they're traveling, what resorts they're going to has it been affected in the past," said Schmitt.

If you have concerns about traveling to Cancun or Los Cabos, you should check with a travel specialist.

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