United Way of Genesee County hosts day-long food drive

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FLINT (WJRT) - (08/09/16) - The United Way of Genesee County is hosting a day-long food drive for the people of Flint.

Cars have been lined up and down Dort Highway for the past few hours.

Greater Holy Temple is one of two churches where Flint residents can pick up food Tuesday.

When you think of food drives, you think about feeding the hungry - but this food drive has another mission and that's to educate and heal.

Novi-based engineering company Tata Technologies donated $30,000 to provide all the food - enough to feed 800 families.

By partnering with the United Way, the company is hoping to make a big impact in a community still struggling with the lasting effects of lead exposure.

“We know that one of the things that can be done to offset the issue associated with the water contamination is just good nutrition. People need good food. People need clean water. So what we've done is we've brought good food,” said Kevin Noe, COO, Tata Technologies.

Flint residents are lining up at Greater Holy Temple and Second Chance Church in Flint to pick up their food. Boxes full of grains, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables - foods that are high in iron, vitamin c and calcium and known to help mitigate the effects of lead exposure.

“We've got some vegetables that specifically help with that. We've got tomatoes, corn,” said Kyle Heythaler, Corporate Sustainability Chair, Tata Technologies.

Forty volunteers from Tata and their friends and family members are here handing out the food. Flint residents were thankful.

“Oh it's great. We need it. We really need it,” said Adine Suggs.

“I think it's marvelous. We need it now,” said Linda Devine.

They are also handing out pamphlets with information on healthy eating, as well as recipes for the food in these boxes.

Distribution is supposed to wrap up at 3 p.m.

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