Universities provide programs for an easy transition for incoming freshman

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KOCHVILLE TWP (WJRT) - (08/05/2019) - As college students prepare to head back to school some will be leaving home for the first time.

It can be a scary transition for a college freshman.
With a new environment and responsibilities, it can lead to unhealthy life choices and increased risks.

But managing your wellness is easier than you may think.

"The first four weeks of the semester there's a lot of different events offered specifically for scheduling your day around your classes or scheduling homework time or meeting the people in the academic advisement center," said Saginaw Valley State University senior Haley Ludviksen.

Ludviksen, who also works as the recreation coordinator for SVSU, is preparing for her own graduation this December. But that's not stopping her from helping incoming students.

"Getting that schedule in you have to kind of do it on your own versus someone making it for you so that's a hard part," said Ludviksen.

She recommends getting a planner to help keep life organized and also using a tutor or speaking with professors if a student finds themselves falling behind.

Fellow Cardinal - Armani Posey, is a recent transfer student.
Looking back at his freshman year he remembers what was most difficult for him.

"Time management, just making sure you set up the schedule and follow the plan," said Posey, who also plays on the football team. “Don't be afraid to ask questions.”

Along with time management, it's important you keep up with your health as well.
From making time for workouts to eating a healthy meal.

"Making a balanced meal is going to help with not only your physical health but also your mental health too," said Ludviksen.

SVSU, along with many other schools, take student's mental health very seriously by offering them many outlets to seek help if needed.

"Students can go in get free, confidential counseling and get a session once a week or we even offer group therapy sessions," said Ludviksen.

And one final piece of advice? Take your time.

"But it’s about not rushing the process; thinking I have to get out of here in 4 years or X amount of time,” said Ludviksen. “There's always room for change and always room for growth."

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