University of Michigan-Flint to offer Doctorate of Occupational Therapy next year

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FLINT (WJRT) (01/11/18) -- The University of Michigan-Flint will soon be offering a Doctorate of Occupational Therapy to students.

The program, which has been years in the making, is the only doctoral program for Occupational Therapy in the state.

University of Michigan Flint Occupational Therapy Director Nancy Vandeweile Milligan says the new three year program comes at a time when demand is high, especially with an aging population like the baby boomers.

"Most people who are in that generation-- they want to live their life at home, they want to be independent as long as possible, and things change, and that's where their occupations change," Milligan said.

The program will not only focus on the elderly, but also today's youth.

"Children with learning differences, children with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders where Occupational Therapy works right in early intervention to help those children develop the skills they need," she said.

Occupational Therapy can be simply stated as the things you do in your every day life, like waking up, brushing your teeth, showering or washing your hands.

Milligan says the core of the curriculum will be a hands on clinical approach.

"Students will actually go into clinics, hospitals in the community, working with patients and developing their skills throughout the three year period," she said.

Applications for the doctorate program will be available starting September this year.

The program is expected to launch Fall 2019.

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