Unofficial rolling cruises safely dispersed as Cruise "N" Concert returns to downtown Flint

Published: Aug. 17, 2018 at 11:47 PM EDT
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(08/17/2018) - It was a big night for Back-to-the-Bricks.

The Cruise "N" Concert returned to downtown Flint this year, and folks climbed behind the wheel to take part in the "unoffiicial" rolling cruises along Saginaw Street.

Burton police have this down to a science, they shut down lanes on Saginaw Street in order to safely move traffic east and west.

While Friday night's rolling cruise was not an officially "sanctioned" event, Burton Police Chief Tom Osterholzer said they have an obligation to police it.

"We want people to come down and have a great time cruising back to the bricks," Chief Osterhozer said, "all we ask is that the spectators and the cruisers act responsibly."

In an effort to ensure everyone makes it home safely, Burton Police have a choreographed routine they stage every night during Back to the Bricks, springing into action at 8:45pm:

"All the cruisers activate their overhead lights," he said,"that's the warning sign, it lets people leave the way they want to."

Osterholzer says they completely shut it down at 9pm. It's a routine they've spent about 12 years perfecting.

There was also a heavy police presence in downtown Flint for the Cruise "N" Concert.

This year's headliner was the Motortown All-Stars. A free concert held outdoors at the riverfront in downtown Flint.

In addition to the Music, the top attraction is the cars.

Bob Lockrey of Lapeer invited his friends from France to visit,

Virginie Rouvier and her husband Chris Mathy who are enthralled with American Classic Cars.

Virginia's favorite model was a 1952 Buick Roadmaster.

While she'd like to make an offer, she said she would have a hard time getting it home:

"In the plane I think it's too big," she noted.

When we asked them about our cuisine, Mathy noted that they had dinner from Angelo's Coney Island.