Vape owners restock product while injunction placed on emergency vaping rules

Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 11:38 PM EDT
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(10/16/2019) - One day after a judge temporarily blocked Michigan's ban on popular flavored nicotine vaping products stores are busy restocking and selling them again.

"I'm definitely going to have to get more juice here soon," Hayden Rohkohl said.

Owner "Roller coaster of emotions for sure,” Inline Vape in Grnad Blanc co-owner John Toth said.

Toth says he has gone through a lot since the governor banned most of the vaping products he sells.

"There was no warning. There was nothing that would let us know maybe this was going to happen. It just kind of happen," Toth said.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the ban on flavored vaping products last month saying it was necessary to combat a teen vaping epidemic.

Now, a Michigan court of claim judge has issued a preliminary injunction on that emergency order.

"A deep breath sigh of relief," Toth said.

This is giving businesses like Toth's a moment to restock and sell products that they were forced to pull off their shelves.

"Going through the whole process has been a big learning experience in terms of keeping your head up and hope what is right actually comes to be," Toth said.

Rohkohl was thrilled to learn stores are restocking shelves.

"I like having the variety. I mean you use one juice for a while and then the flavor gets old and then you switch to another one," Rohkohl said.

Nick Heimiller says his stash was running low, but he was doing what he can do get by.

"And I did go buy some regular salt nic and nicotine less juice and mixed it myself because that was sort of work around that a lot of places did," Heimiller said.

Evan Tarnowski says he's no longer worried his flavored juices will be banned. He's hopeful the ban won't stick.

"I am really confident that this is going to get repealed or that it wasn't going to stick for very long. I knew if that I ran out it was 6 months I could probably go for it and go out for a little bit," Tarnowski said.

Whitmer plans to seek an immediate stay and go directly to the Supreme Court on a final ruling.

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