Eatin' Vegan Cafe opens in Swartz Creek with all-vegan menu

SWARTZ CREEK (WJRT) (1/19/2018) - Veganism is growing in popularity and restaurants offering vegan menus are also starting to pop up across the state, including Mid-Michigan.

Mother and daughter, Rosa and Angela Perkins, are bringing a full vegan menu restaurant to Swartz Creek after years of struggling to go out to eat due to their diets.

"Neither one of us can go out to eat or go do anything. For 10 cents I'd open my own place and I said, 'OK, lets!," Angela recalls from a conversation her and her mother had.

So that's exactly what Rosa and Angela Perkins did. They opened their own vegan friendly cafe.

"When I became vegan, it was so difficult to find a true vegan dish other than salad unless I wanted to go all the way down to Detroit," Rosa said.

Just a month ago, that changed. Now, Swartz Creek is home to one of the only vegan restaurants in all of Mid-Michigan.

"It's something that you can stop in grab on your way home," Angela said. "It's what you want to eat and its what you would have made if you had the time."

The menu isn't just salads. The duo is also making things like spicy black bean burgers and lentil loafs hoping to create a hot meal for many people who often times can't have those at restaurants.

"I try to fix meals that my mother would have fed me, and I was not vegan growing up, but almost any dish you remember from your childhood you can make a vegan version of," Rosa said.

The Perkinses say, you don't have to be vegan or gluten free to enjoy their meals. They simply want to open people's eyes into a new way of enjoying food.

Eatin' Vegan Cafe in Swartz Creek is located at the corner of Miller and Seymour roads. They're open Monday to Saturday from noon to 7 p.m.

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