Victim testifies in sex assault case against Grand Blanc Township hypnotherapist

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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (12/18/2017) - He's been practicing hypnotherapy for 40 years, most recently out of this office on Holly Road in Grand Blanc Township.

That's where three women claim Dr. John Tomlinson sexually assaulted them while they were undergoing hypnotherapy.

"She described in detail the session, in which the therapist put her under; and, she remembers being under and remembers him, I believe, going up her pant leg and forcing her legs apart," sexual assault nurse examiner Michelle Most said on the witness stand Monday.

She testified about evaluating a 49-year-old accuser in April after she was allegedly raped during her fourth session with Tomlinson.

"She reported to me that she had some soreness to her jaw area as well as her nasal area," Most said.

Both are potential signs of strangulation. Investigators have said when the woman came out of the hypnosis, Tomlinson strangled her to keep her in his office.

The woman was also on the stand Monday -- but only briefly -- for a cross examination from Tomlinson's defense attorney Michael Manley.

"I want to make sure we don't have a professional victim here," he said.

The hearing got heated, as Manley said she's made four prior allegations of rape.

"That is incorrect," the woman shouted.

The Judge said, "Hold on ma'am."

As Manley continued, "This is actually the fifth alleged rape that she has claimed."

The prosecution stepped in: "They have to be able to establish that, in fact, those prior allegations, if they occurred, were false. There's been none of that groundwork laid here."

The woman has been excused until Manley can argue to use the information in court next month.

The two other women are expected to testify Tuesday morning about their allegations from 2013 and 2015.

Tomlinson does still has his medical license and is allowed to practice.

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