Video filmed in Frankenmuth aims to attract international travelers

Published: Jul. 19, 2016 at 3:47 PM EDT
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(07/19/16) - An out-of-town film crew is in Frankenmuth making a video aimed at luring international travelers to our area.

One of the places they're gathering video is Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland.

We watched as they got video from the catwalk.

"It gives videographers a really unique perspective, so we're glad to take our film crews up there to get a good look at the store," said Lori Libka, communications assistant at Bronner's.

The video being filmed here, and around town, aims to boost the economy.

"We're here to promote, to tell the Frankenmuth story, to try to increase Canadian tourism within the state," said Tyler Ham Pong, who is hosting the video being put together by Brand USA.

It's an entity created by Congress in 2010 to attract international travelers.

Frankenmuth was chosen as one of the cities that global guests might be interested in.

The video being shot in Frankenmuth specifically targets Canadian visitors.

"They're only an hour and 15 minutes from the border to us and so it's a great day trip, weekend trip," Libka said.

According to Brand USA, Canadian visitors topped the list of international travelers coming to the United States in 2014.

Their records show 23 million Canadian visited, spending $27.2 billion.

Brand USA also targets travelers from the United Kingdom, Germany and China.

Brand USA will use the video and so will the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce and Visitors and Convention Bureau.

"They bring the film crew here and the talent, it's just something we wouldn't be able to do on our own for the cost," said Christie Bierlein, who is the director of sales and marketing manager at the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce and Visitors and Convention Bureau.

So why are international guests so important?

"They spend a lot more than our domestic travelers and they also stay longer, so two to three week visits is pretty normal," Bierlein said.

Highlighting Michigan's Little Bavaria was a no brainer for Brand USA.

"I find Frankenmuth is a very family-friendly city, and where I grew up in Canada, in Ottawa, it's very family-friendly, so I think that's a big draw toward this city," Ham Pong said.

The Frankenmuth video should be done in a few months.

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