Volunteers mark MLK holiday with day of service at Flint soup kitchen

FLINT (WJRT) (01/21/19) - The North End Soup Kitchen in Flint was buzzing with activity on Monday.

People from all walks of life showed up to do their part on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which many treat as a day of service.

"Because it's really fun to help other people," said 9-year-old volunteer Layla Britt.

Britt was still decades from being born when King asked, "What are you doing for others?" But, her mom said Layla already understands the importance of having an answer for that question.

"Laila volunteers through the school first and she had such a great time and thought it was awesome. She wanted to bring her cousins and come and do it again, so this will be annual tradition for us," said volunteer Hailimah Britt.

Laila and her cousins weren't only ones using their day off from school to give back today.

"I mean, it wouldn't have felt right to just take the day off and not do community service. We have free time out of the day to help other people, so why not?" said University of Michigan-Flint student Lena Miles.

She and her fellow students say it's important to do acknowledge King's message of giving back, not only today, but everyday.

"I feel like as a university student we always talk about bridging the gap between the community and the university of Michigan-Flint, so it's a good way for us to actually come out and see what the community is doing and at least help out wherever we can," said U of M Flint student Terrell Harris.

John Manse is the community service director for Catholic Charities. He said volunteers usually show up to help on holidays, but this one is always special.

"Martin Luther King served all of America and what he wanted to do and wanted to see happen. And that's why we are here for as well, serving others and our community, " Manse said.

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