Voting begins for UAW members, but not before they first look over the terms

FLINT (WJRT) (10/19/19) - Starting today, 49-000 GM union workers across the country are voting on a tentative four-year contract.

On Saturday, officers of the local unions gathered to discuss the tentative agreement piece by piece.

Then, they'll rollout to their local unions, answering any questions members may have before casting their ratification vote.

Between a signing bonus, pay raise, and other benefits, there's a lot on the line with the tentative deal. It's why union members say they have questions.

"What's the agreement about the temporary workers and job security. There are a lot of outsourcing and stuff, and we want to know what our future is here at our plant," Lorreine Murphy, a UAW Local 659 member said.

William Kunc, a UAW Local 598 member added, "My main concern with having a family is the insurance because I felt like if we had to pay for our insurance more, it would take away from the wages, so you would actually be making less if you went back. My main concern is the insurance and for people later that's coming in here working to be treated fairly."

Local union officers can respond to concerns like these, but they say they first need to meet and go over the tentative agreement in its entirety, seeking answers to their own questions.

"Some of the more questions will be really to clarify some of the temp language, and some of the in-progression language, and some of the health and safety gains, and some of the skilled trade gains," Steve Dawes said. Dawes is the Assistant Regional Director for UAW Region 1D.

Starting Sunday, officers of the local unions will take that information and rollout with large groups heading to Grand Rapids, Bay City, Saginaw, Lansing, and Flint.

"As we get into the rollouts for local unions, they're just as important because our rank and file brothers and sisters have the opportunity to come to these meetings if they want to and ask questions," Dawes said.

And after all is said and done...

"I kind of hope we get back to working. Get this all done and out of our way," Kunc said.

Voting will take place throughout next week, and the UAW wants to have ballot totals from local unions by Friday, October 25.

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