Medical billing company hit with ransomware attack, patients warned in letters

FLINT (WJRT) - (03/05/19) - Patients from some of the biggest health care providers in Mid-Michigan are getting letters warning of a data breach that may have exposed personal information.

Wolverine Solutions Group (WSG) mails billing for McLaren, HAP and Covenant HealthCare. The company was a victim of a malicious ransomware software attack.

Wolverine Solutions Group President Darryl English said the company did not find any evidence that vital records were taken, but officials are taking extra precaution to ensure patients are informed.

"In September, our computer system experienced a ransomware attack, which affected some of our servers. One of the servers that was affected actually contained personal client data," English said.

Letters are arriving in the mailboxes for hundreds of patients who were treated at some of Mid-Michigan's largest hospitals and health care providers.

"The process to identify individuals and correctly identify exactly what type of data we had on them to determine if notification needed to be sent out was an extensive process that actually took several months to go through," English said.

Although WSG was compromised, they don't believe that information like Social Security numbers were exposed.

Covenant HealthCare and the other hospitals involved were notified of the incident in December.

"In accordance with HIPAA guidelines, Covenant strives to share the least amount of information necessary with outside vendors. For example, Covenant never shared full Social Security numbers with WSG for the printing of billing statement," a spokesman wrote in a statement.

Some people say they have received the same letter multiple times. WSG mailed to every name that was on file. For English, it's all about keeping patients informed and safe.

"What we really want people to understand is that we do not have any evidence that any information was actually taken from our servers or misused in any way. In the meantime, we've taken all appropriate steps to make sure we're protecting our clients and protecting clients data," English said.

WSG is opening a nationwide call center to answer any questions. They're also offering a free credit monitoring service for anyone who may have been affected.

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