2 men admit to prank after picture goes viral

Published: Feb. 20, 2017 at 6:28 PM EST
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UPDATE: (02/23/17) - A supposed kidnapping scheme is taking social media by storm - and it started right here in Mid-Michigan.

A Facebook post saying a shirt tangled on a young woman's windshield as a distraction tactic is being called a random prank.

Two men are taking credit for the gag. They tell Flint Township Police they put this plaid shirt on the woman's windshield as a joke.

It all started when a 19-year-old Davison Township woman found it on her car parked at the Genesee Valley Mall. She posted it on social media, warning others that she had seen it was used to distract women.

The post went viral.

The story was picked up by news outlets worldwide, but two men came forward telling police they did it.

The story was confirmed by surveillance footage. The vehicle and the two males left the parking lot more than an hour prior to the woman approaching her vehicle after work.

Police tell us the men are offering apologies to the teen.


(02/20/17) - Ashley Hardacre had just gotten off work. When she got in her car, she looked up to find a shirt on her windshield.

She looked around and saw two other cars. One was running, so she felt uncomfortable.

Hardacre turned on her windshield wipers - no luck, the clothing was wrapped tightly around the blade and buttoned up.

Because the item was only partially blocking her view, Hardacre drove to a safe place in the parking lot to take it off.

She tells ABC12 News she had recently heard about people findings items placed on wiper blades exactly like this.

It's a warning her mom has repeated over and over again. She's been told the purpose was the women would get out of their car and be distracted.

Hardacre says she's not sure what would happen next, but she tells ABC12 News she's grateful she didn't find out.

"It is something that you never expect that would ever happen to you or someone would ever try to harm you in any way, but I was just so shocked," she said. "And now, I'm kind of passed the scared, I'm more of - I want other people to know that it is, you know, something that can happen to them."

Hardacre has reached out to both mall security and the Flint Township Police Department.

Police will be looking out for these incidents in the future. They have an officer designated to the mall who will also be on higher alert.