Water filters from Elon Musk being installed, tested in Flint Community Schools

Billionaire Elon Musk talks to Flint students about his $423,000 donation to provide laptops for the district.
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FLINT (WJRT) (10/10/2019) - A $480,000 donation of water stations and filtration systems from billionaire inventor Elon Musk is coming to fruition for Flint Community Schools.

The district currently is installing the equipment at Southwestern Classical Academy, which houses the district's high school students, and at Doyle/Ryder Elementary School.

Two more units are being installed at Kettering University. None of them are being hooked up to the water supply or made available for use until they pass testing.

Musk's donated equipment will be installed at Flint Community Schools' other buildings while testing is under way. Staff and students won't be able to use the equipment during the testing process.

The district is planning a community meeting on Nov. 12 to discuss the updates.

Musk announced the donation of water stations and filtration systems in October 2018 after he learned drinking fountains in Flint schools were unavailable for use years after the Flint water crisis.

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The systems employ an ultraviolet purification process to remove lead and bacteria from the water.

Musk initially planned to have the water systems installed in January 2019, then pushed it back to spring 2019.

The water filtration donation is in addition to Musk's $423,000 gift announced in March to provide Google Chromebook computers to all seventh and eighth grade students at Flint Community Schools.

Musk is a billionaire inventor from California best known for founding the SpaceX rocket company and Tesla Motors. He also created Paypal, which is used widely in e-commerce.