Wayfinding signs posted in Saginaw

SAGINAW (WJRT) - (05/20/19) - Exploring Saginaw's riverfront just got a little easier.

The Saginaw Downtown Development Authority used a $1,000 grant from the East Michigan Council of Governments to pay for wayfinding signs.

There's a QR code on each sign, which is loaded with everything you need to bike or walk to your next destination.

"Where you're going to be going and what you're going to walk past. And then it also has a map that automatically can go to your phone and give you exact walking directions," explained Cassi Miller, business development manager of Saginaw Future, Inc.

These signs are designed to open your eyes to what's already here and perhaps help you get a little exercise.

"In a lot of cities you park a couple blocks away and it doesn't feel like a long walk. But here we have some gaps in our buildings and things like that so it seems like a longer walk," Miller said.

Miller believes there's a lot more to see on street level. "When people walk by a store or restaurant they're more able to look at it and see it. When you're driving by you're so focused on where you're going that you're kind of blinded, you don't know the businesses that you're passing," she said.

The current signs are temporary, but if they catch on permanent signs could be in the future.

Miller will be tracking each QR code scan. "We'll be able to pinpoint specific locations that are more popular, where people are seeing them, and actually scanning them too," she said.

There are more than 50 signs in downtown and Old Town along Saginaw's Riverfront.

"We're hoping this will create a momentum that people will want to walk around downtown and really see how walkable it is," Miller said.

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