'We Back the Badge' yard signs popping up in Flushing

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FLUSHING (WJRT) - (11/22/16) - A simple sign is speaking volumes in one Mid-Michigan community.

'We Back the Badge' is the slogan popping up on yard signs in Flushing neighborhoods. It's a way to support police in a tense climate for the law enforcement community.

Just this weekend, four officers were shot around the country.

One was killed in an ambush just outside the San Antonio Police Department. The man arrested for that shooting says he was angry about a child custody battle and he lashed out.

It's these kind of stories that spurred a movement to show support for police.

A local realtor, Lucy Ham Group, had a luncheon for several chiefs in Genesee County last week. They wanted to take it a step further by getting the yard signs printed up. Now, the signs are in yards all over the city.

The signs are free. You can pick one up in downtown Flushing at the Lucy Ham Group offices.

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