Wearing backpacks improperly can create long-term health issues

CLIO, Mich. (WJRT) - Back to school means lots of things to carry for most students.

Backpacks can really get weighed down, but doctors say it's not just about the weight, but how the bags are being carried.

"Kids like to carry it around with just one strap," said Justin Brown PT, DPT, ATC with Advanced Physical Therapy Center. "So that one strap is just putting all the weight on the one side and it will just keep pulling him."

All that weight may seem harmless, but it can create major health issues.

"It can go anywhere from just having tight muscles to if you're constantly being pulled back there are some major issues that can occur," said Brown.

That's why he says students should always wear a backpack with both straps, keeping weight evenly distributed.

"I generally tell them that if you're carrying so much weight that you're being pulled forward or really pulled back-- its too much," said Brown. "You should be able to sit here and feel like its comfortable. You shouldn't be strained trying to keep yourself upright."

While students tend to try to cram everything into their bag, Brown says if the bag is creating those kinds of weight issues, it's best to carry some items to distribute the weight evenly in the front as well.