Weather causes confusion for many runners during Saturday's Crim

Published: Aug. 26, 2018 at 3:56 PM EDT
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"I think the lesson is that you cannot be prepared enough," said Andy Younger, race director of the Hap Crim Festival of Races after being tested during Saturday’s events.

Despite the hour and a half weather delay, Younger said it occurred at the perfect time.

"It was actually kind of lucky that the lightning struck when it did because we were able to catch all the elites only within like half a mile," said Younger.

The weather while not ideal, didn't affect registration. Officials don't have the exact number of runners yet, but the registration was higher than last year’s 13,000 runners.

With the delay the race times were pushed closer together, causing a lot of congestion with the new 5 mile run as it bunched up with the 10 milers as well as the 5K runners.

"We love for everybody to have the best experience possible we feel bad about that but under the circumstances we wanted as many races to go off on time as much as possible," said Younger.

The big controversy Saturday came in the men's race. Jackson's Nathan Martin came across the finish line first but the win was given to Julius Kogo, his 7th at the Crim.

"We found out a group, kind of like the second pack of lead runners,” said Younger. “What had happened was they split off from the lead pack and the lead vehicles at some point throughout the course."

Jackson, along with 8 other runners, was disqualified for cutting some of the course.

"We don't know if it was confusion or what but someone was pointing that second pack down a wrong street,” said Younger.

Younger said he respects the racer's integrity to come forward and admit there may have been a mistake, but the whole thing could have been avoided.

"There's a blue line for a reason and those racers should have been following that blue line,” said Younger.