Weekly food distribution program at downtown Church in Flint wants to grow

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (07/25/17) - "When you're in crisis you shouldn't have to worry about where you're going to sleep, or what you're going to eat," remarked Shannon Polk, the new Director of the Storehouse Ministry at Riverside Tabernacle in downtown Flint.

The weekly food distribution program is tackling hunger - one box and one bag at a time. Right now, as many as 900 individuals benefit from its Tuesday morning program. The organizers, want to help even more.

And as ABC 12's Amy Hybels explains, they're asking for help from the community.

"Thank you, appreciate it," said Callie Gale as she picked up a bag of assorted groceries to take home with her teenaged son Tuesday morning.

Summer time is crunch time for this mom.

"We have bread, cookies, eggs, veggie stix, what I really like," she noted digging through the contents of the bag.

Feeding a teenage son can be costly, especially without the help of a consistent paycheck.

"I work and then I'm off for a season so this helps me and my son, supplements what I don't have so can come here and get food," Gale said.

Every Tuesday volunteers in the basement of Riverside Tabernacle pack cardboard boxes bags with staples like bread, milk, and fresh vegetables.

The one thing that's not in the bag?

"One of the things you didn't see in this box was meat - we need more donations, people need protein," said Shannon Polk, the new Director of Storehouse ministry.

The other great need right now according to Polk is more helping hands.

"Most of my volunteers are in their seventies and eighties, I'd like to have some younger hands that can lift these boxes when they're coming off the truck from the food bank," Polk said.

The new director wants to grow the program by providing families with more healthful food choices, and that costs money.

"I love the fresh produce," noted Carnetta Carter, it keeps me from having to buy them in the store."

The Storehouse fills in the gaps for Carnetta Carter, who has her hands full with eleven kids, including a newborn and a husband on disability.

"We're here because we care about the city of Flint, " Polk remarked, "they count on us to provide quality food."

Polk says future plans may also involve adding a student pantry.

For more information on the Storehouse just click on the link to the right.

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