West Bloomfield High School's African American Awareness Club promotes social justice in Flint

FLINT (WJRT) - (05/22/19) - It's not your typical field trip. Some West Bloomfield High School students were in Flint on Wednesday.

The African American Awareness Club stands against social injustice. Their support for Flint is to continue promoting the idea that water is not only necessary, but it's a basic human right.

"We don't always think about brushing our teeth or taking a shower, the little things that we just take for granted every day," President Brooke Taylor, senior, said.

Junior, Ambrianna Beatty added, "It just awakened me to reality like this is happening. It's not happening out in California or in Africa. It's happening right here in Michigan."

Their day included delivering 160 cases of water, but they didn't stop there. They also stopped by the Flint Development Center to interact with toddlers, teaching them the "Water Cycle Song." Then, they visited one of the service line replacement sites to get a first-hand look at how clean water is restored.

For one of the construction company owners at WT Stevens Construction, it was refreshing to see our youth get involved in this sort of social issue.

"The getting young people sometimes interested in something is a challenge in itself, but when you get them interested, there's no telling what they can do because you just open up a Pandora's Box and they just seem to be gung-ho and excited about what they're doing, so that's exciting to me," Donald Stevens said.

Part of executing AAA's visit to Flint was partnering with the Youth for Global Health and Social Justice.

That group has spent a lot of time in Flint, but they'll also be working on a global mission from July 4th through the 17th.

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