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(04/21/17) - Spring fever is heating up mid-Michigan, as many plants and trees have "sprung" to life, displaying colorful flowers and foliage.

But, it is still April, and we can still see freezing temperatures, frost and even snow!

Spring can be a very fickle time of year across our area.

Knowing what can go into the ground now and what can't can save you a lot of angst and money later on.

It's the time of year when mid-Michigan garden centers explode into color, and mid-Michigan residents go into action.

"We needed a shrub to replace, right in front of our condo on the side, it was a shrub that was half-dead," said Brenda Miller, a Davison resident, as she shopped for a new shrub with her husband.

Fred Engel from Mount Morris commented, "I've already been out mowing the lawn and doing all the trimming.
I like going outside in the spring and getting everything nice looking."

While customers hunt for that perfect plant for their home, there are some guidelines to follow to insure your plants aren't damaged by frost or freezing temperatures.

"We could still get some frost, so the pansies are safe to plant right now.
We have perennials that are ready to go and things like creeping flox that should be blooming in people's yards soon," Lisa Kemeny, General Manager of Wojo's Garden Center told me.

Cold crop veggies like broccoli and cabbage can also be planted, as well as trees and shrubs.

Each year, breeders come up with new and exciting plants, but they won't do us any good, if they get clobbered by cold weather.

"This is called, Night Sky. And as you can see, it has freckling on the petals here.
This is really a cool plant.
Everybody is excited about this, this year, and we are excited to sell it," added Kemeny

Even in early May, there's a 40-60% risk of a frost or freeze.

Arnold Teck, a Genesee Township resident takes it all in stride, "I'll probably screw up. They'll probably die out and I'll have to do it all over again, but that's what we do, we plant to early.">

Hearty fruit trees can also be planted, as well as bush fruits like raspberries and blueberries.

Potted plants are another great options to put on your porch now, and plant later once the threat of a frost or freeze is over.

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