What's that smell? Could be Michigan Sugar's annual pond cleaning

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BAY CITY (WJRT) (2/29/2018) - Residents around Bay City might begin smelling a peculiar odor this week as Michigan Sugar begins its annual pond cleaning project.

The company warned residents some odors are possible as sediment and organic material gets pulled from the bottom of the pounds at its sugar beet processing facility.

“Cleaning our water storage ponds is an important step as we prepare for our next sugar beet processing campaign set to begin this fall,” said Mark Flegenheimer, president and CEO of Michigan Sugar Co. “We feel it is equally important to inform the community about this work as it has the potential to produce odors.”

Michigan Sugar recently invested $1.5 million in a centrifuge system designed to reduce the amount and duration of sediment removal. The company is investing in other ways to reduce odors plaguing the community.

Michigan Sugar also is welcoming the public to tour its Bay City factory this fall. Sign ups for tours begins in the summer. See Related Links on the right side of this story for the sign up form.

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