Who's the millionaire? Chesaning abuzz wondering who won Mega Millions jackpot

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CHESANING (WJRT) (11/01/2017) - Somebody who bought a Mega Millions ticket at the Admiral gas station in Chesaning is a millionaire.

A week after the drawing, the question remains -- who is it?

The $5 million jackpot from the Oct. 27 drawing is the hot topic around town and the surrounding area, especially at the Admiral store.

"It's the talk of the store," said Admiral Store Manager Faye Fondren. "Everyone wants to know who won."

The winning ticket matched all white balls -- 17, 27,41,51, and 52 -- but not the mega ball. However, the person who bought the ticket played the Megaplier, making it a $5 million win.

"That would be nice to win. I wish it were us," said Pam Geiger of St. Louis.

Robert Wasny said if he was the winner, the mystery would have been solved already.

"I would have been like, first thing in the morning, I would, been right there cashing it," he said.

Fondren figures the winner is probably laying low somewhere until the hoopla settles.

"Somebody is hiding it somewhere," she said. "I probably would too for awhile."

Fondren has not heard from anyone about the winning purchase, but she does remember printing out a couple of Mega Millions tickets with the Megaplier by mistake. They didn't go to waste.

"A gentleman came in and he bought them," she said. "I'm hoping he was the lucky one."

Joe LaClair of LaClair Auto Sales in Chesaning knows none of his employees won the jackpot.

"When I came into work Monday morning, no one was quiting so I knew nobody here won it," he said.

LaClair hopes a new car is high on the winner's wish list. He knows a thing or two about winning a lottery after being part of a group that won a jackpot back in 1985.

"We had eight people in it and we won a $3.9 million lotto," LaClair said. "The only thing about it was there were four winners."

For now, people are just waiting for the suspense to end.

"I'm hoping it's somebody I know and someone that could use it," said June Stickel of Chesaning.

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