William Michael Morgan hoping his Machine Shop debut will be a memorable one

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FLINT (WJRT) - (11/11/2016) - "I've actually heard a whole lot of it from other artists that are friends of mine," William Michael Morgan says as he gets ready to join the likes of Luke Bryan, Justin Moore and Randy Houser as up and coming country artists who came through The Machine Shop on their way to stardom. "So I'm really lookin' forward to gettin' up there. Like you said, it's a big steppin' stone, so I'm lookin' forward to takin' that step."
Morgan gets his chance to step on the stage at The Shop in Flint Saturday night. And the 23 year old country singer says this is just another notch in his belt during his breakout year.
"It's been a year of firsts for sure. We've been so blessed and we're just keepin' our nose to the grind stone and workin' hard. You know, just not lookin' up for a little bit man. Just gonna keep workin' and see what happens."
Morgan says fans can expect to hear quite a bit from his debut album Vinyl Saturday, including his number one single I Met A Girl. And he says he also plans to play music from many of his biggest influences.
"We will be playin' a lot of songs off our brand new record that just came out a couple weeks ago. Of course we will be playin' our single that went number one a couple weeks ago, it's called I Met A Girl. And our new single is gonna be comin' out in the next week, Missin'. And of course we'll be playin' a lot of the stuff I grew up on, as far as more on the traditional country side of stuff. Throw in some Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard and Keith Whitley, etc."
While his traditional country sound doesn't dominate country radio, William Michael says he loves how diverse the genre has become.
"That's what's so great about country music, there's so many different outlets to it. You've got this guy doin' this and this guy doin' that and myself doin' this. You know, it's just a matter of what you want to listen to. I'm not tryin' to be part of any movement, I don't think anything is wrong with country music. I just, like you said, make the music that I love and that I know how to make."
Morgan's Machine Shop show is between dates of a mini-tour with Justin Moore, which is serving as a preview of the American Made Tour early next year where the pair team up with Lee Brice.
"We're kinda sprinklin' a couple dates in to get used to it before the American Made Tour with Lee. But man, I'm really lookin' forward to this. I'm really lookin' forward to gettin' out there and learnin' as much as I can from these two artists that I look up to and I'm a big fan of."

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