Winner Wanted: $4.4 million lotto ticket sold at Fenton store

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FENTON (WJRT) - (05/19/17) - You could know a multi-million dollar Michigan Lottery winner. It was sold Wednesday at a Fenton store. Now they're getting the word out to check your tickets.

Phone a friend - or anyone you know who may have gone by Smitty's Exit 80 convenience store and gas station recently - because this prize is too big to miss out on.

"It wasn't mine, so hey, but for that two minutes, I had adrenaline running through my blood," said Richard Smith.

He, along with other regular customers, have been excited by the news that a $4.4 million Michigan Lotto ticket was sold there.

"So excited and just...goosebumps," said store clerk Elise Miles.

In five years of working at Smitty's, Miles says this hasn't happened before. She was at work when the winning Classic Lotto 47 ticket was sold. They have no idea who won, but the frenzy to find out is creating a lot of buzz.

A couple of Port Huron BFFs were hoping that maybe they knew the winner. You can't blame them for the wishful thinking. This is, after all, something that doesn't happen everyday.

Check out these winning numbers (09-13-17-24-30-33) to see if you'll be the one cashing in.

"We're hoping it's a local person and that we know them. That would be really exciting," Miles said.

However, if you're not lucky this time, "There's always next time. I already got my ticket for Saturday, so I'm ready," Smith said.

Smitty's is also a winner. The store gets $2,000 from the lottery commission for selling the winning ticket.

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