Winter weather creates problems on gravel roads

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT)- (03/19/19)-The winter months have made quite a mess of Michigan's roads.
Creating all sorts of problems for drivers.

Now that Spring is just about here, many are hoping to get some relief from potholes.

Everywhere you drive, there seems to be a pothole. And roads are worse than others.

"This time of year is really hard on gravel roads." said Genesee County Road commission, Anthony Branch.

Anthony Branch explains why.

"The reason being we have rising temperatures, which from winter, frost starts to come out of the ground. So you have all of the moisture that is frozen in there over the winter, start to come out of the ground and reveal itself at the ground level, Also with the rising temperatures you get rain, that falls on the road, so you're kind of in a catch 22," Branch said.

Last Tuesday, the County Road commission issued a weight restriction on county roads.Which means road work is limited.

"The purpose is not to destroy the roads. If you can imagine water coming on gravel from the top and the bottom and then you start driving something heavy over it you are going to just turn into a big mud pile."Branch said.

Tuesday, crews were able to start the long process of making the roads easier to drive on again. But Branch cautions, that it's not a quick fix.

It's a dry day, number one and the sun was out,we got a little heat from the sun , we are just right now doing a very light job just try to take the curse off of them, we are not doing a detailed grade right now, just trying to make them passable, better than it was, " Branch said.

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