Ex-Covenant worker gets $500k jury verdict, then loses job

Published: Jun. 21, 2016 at 9:19 AM EDT
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(06/22/16) - A federal jury awarded a Mid-Michigan woman $500,000 in a wrongful termination case.

The woman has now lost her new job, which has connections to her old employer.

Forty-one year old Amanda Perry received the good news about the jury award on Friday, but she got bad news Tuesday when her new employer told her that her services were no longer needed.

Perry was working for Covenant Healthcare's billing department in 2014. Her son was badly injured in a car crash that March. She missed worked because of psychiatric issues and eventually went on family and medical leave from her job, but was eventually fired later that year.

She sued and a jury awarded her $500,000.

“It's a nice size verdict, it was a reasonable verdict by the jury, they listened to what they were saying and agreed with us,” said Perry’s attorney, Victor Mastromarco.

Covenant plans on appealing the verdict.

Perry had a new job through Aerotek Employment Agency doing billing work at Saginaw's Mobile Medical Response. MMR is a joint venture between Covenant Healthcare and St. Mary's of Michigan.

On Tuesday, just a few days after the jury's decision, “She receives a call and she is told that MMR, who she works for now, no longer needs her services,” Mastromarco said.

While Perry does not want to comment on the situation, Mastromarco says he's stunned.

“I just couldn't even believe it. I was completely flabbergasted that someone would do that,” he said.

Covenant Healthcare spokesperson Larry Daly says Covenant had nothing to do with Perry's dismissal, saying, "It is not a Covenant Healthcare issue. We are not involved with operations of MMR."

MMR spokesperson Lynn Schutter says, "Ms. Perry's contract for services had expired and her services were no longer necessary due a recent restructure of the billing department. Ms. Perry's work performance at MMR was not in question and any correlation to her recent court settlement is a coincidence."

Mastromarco believes Covenant was behind Perry's most recent dismissal.

“I have seen a lot of big verdicts, but I have never seen anybody get punished by the employer like they did here,” he said.

We could not reach Aerotek Employment Agency for comment. Mastromarco says a second lawsuit against Covenant and MMR will be filed soon.

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