Woman saved by heroic truck driver in Grand Blanc Township

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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (12/22/17) - A Mid-Michigan truck driver jumped into action after seeing a woman's car spin out and crash.

It happened about noon Friday on northbound I-75 near the Dort Highway extension in Grand Blanc Township.

"She spun three times, went down in a ditch, spun once more and hit a tree. There was a lot of smoke and she couldn't get out of the car," said Thomas Carter Jr. of Grand Blanc Township.

Carter was a quarter mile behind the woman's car, driving a gravel hauler. He stopped and ran down the embankment.

"I didn't want that lady to be trapped in there," said Carter.

He pried open the door of the older woman's car. A younger man was standing outside but was dazed and confused.

"I knew I had to get her out. I couldn't leave her and she couldn't get out on her own. She definitely couldn't have walked up that hill," said Carter.

He walked her to his truck. The flames were growing in the car but she wanted to make sure she got her car keys. Carter made another trip back to the car.

"She was definitely dazed. She had no idea. All she could talk about was her keys," said Carter.

He got the keys and also pulled out a walker, a cane and her purse. By that time the police, fire department and an ambulance had arrived.

"I feel like it's something everybody would have done. It's Christmastime. She could have sat in that car. Even if she hadn't burned she could have had a heart attack or something being scared to death," said Carter.

His boss says he did a good job.

"At least now she gets to go home for Christmas. She may not have a car but she at least gets to go home to her kids," said Carter.

Grand Blanc Township police say the driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at nearby Genesys Regional Medical Center.

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