Woman shaken up over traffic stop in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/9/2017) - An aggressive Flint police officer during a traffic stop on Thursday has Jeneyah McDonald questioning an officer's motives.

"I actually was one person who believed that police were here to protect me," McDonald said through tears.

She was on her way to work Thursday morning, waiting for the light at Lapeer Road and Dort Highway in Flint. McDonald didn't know it, but the car next to her was an unmarked police car.

When the light turned green, they both went straight but the officer's lane ended.

"I did not allow him to merge. I kind of, for the lack of a better term, beat him or whatever and he didn't get in front of me," she said. "Next thing I know, I see some lights getting slapped in the window and I'm being pulled over."

McDonald said she got out her license and proof of insurance as the plainclothes officer approached her car, but she said that's not what he asked for.

"You don't play with the police. I'm out here on important business. I'm a show you. You don't play with the police. Give me your keys. I said, 'My keys? You want my registration.' 'No, I said give me your keys,'" McDonald recounted from their initial interaction.

So she handed over her keys, as well as her ID.

"I'm thinking, was I just pranked? Was he a real police officer?" she said.

Terrified, McDonald called 911. About 25 minutes later a marked patrol car showed up, but no one got out.

"If I was speeding, pull me over and give me a ticket. I feel like I was victimized. I feel like I was being held hostage, I couldn't move. I couldn't go anywhere," she said.

McDonald said another half hour went by before the officer returned with a ticket for an improper start with screeching tires.

"For him to be that aggressive and hostile to me for something that was a misdemeanor possibly?" she said. "You're not protecting and you're not serving at all."

The Flint Police Department said the traffic stop was legal and McDonald can fight the ticket if she wants to. She said she plans to.

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