Woman standing outside vehicle hit, critically injured on I-69 at Bristol Road

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FLINT TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (02/09/2018) - I-69 was closed at Bristol Road after Flint Township police say a 32-year-old woman was hit by a car while she was standing outside her vehicle.

She was listed in critical condition after the collision Friday evening.

Sgt. Mike Nemetheck said a two-car crash happened on I-69 at Bristol Road. The occupants of the two vehicles had gotten out to talk, when two other vehicles crashed.

One of those vehicles hit the woman who was standing outside of her vehicle.

Police warn drivers it's important to stay inside your vehicle following a crash or if it becomes disabled.

The causes of both crashes are under investigation, but police believe icy road conditions probably played a role.

Heavy snowfall on Friday left area roadways slippery, causing dozens of crashes throughout the day. Plow trucks tried to keep the roadways passable after more than seven inches of snow fell.

Many drivers felt their fellow motorists were simply driving too fast for conditions.

"I saw some people sliding and other people going 90 mph," said Brandon Jones. "So it's like you would think that people would learn, take it easy."

For safe winter driving tips just click on the link provided by Michigan State Police.

“You got crazy people out there. It’s slippery and anything is possible in this type of weather, you can crash," said Sabrina Tyus. "Drive careful for you and the next person."

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