Meet Kelsey, the local mom behind ABC12's new 'Worth it Wednesday' segment at noon

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(WJRT) - (09/11/19) - 'Worth it Wednesday' is a new, exclusive segment we're bringing you on ABC12 News at Noon, geared at saving you money and making life a little easier!

We want to introduce you to product expert and mommy-blogger extraordinairre, Kelsey Bunker Robertson.

"We are a big family on a budget," says Kelsey.

It is just a typical school morning in Kelsey Bunker Robertson's house in Grand Blanc Township, making lunches, and wrangling six kids!

"This kid's getting a ham and lettuce. That's it. He asked for ketchup. I said no," she says with a laugh.

A few years ago, Kelsey started posting to Instagram about her family. launching her "Kelsey and Co." brand.

Product reviews became a big part of that, as she shared things that simply worked for them.

"The more kids I had, my following kind of grew. And it turned into 'Oh what's your favorite baby bath?' or 'What's your favorite toy?'"

Her more than 13,000 followers have come to depend on her weekly 'Worth It Wednesday' posts.

"I hate wasting my money," says Kelsey.

Sometimes companies reach out to her, or she'll offer to test out a new product, all to help other families save money.

Now, she is venturing into a new medium, letting ABC12 News viewers in on her finds.

"I've always been the girl who loves good sales, loves good deals, and loves good products. So my friends are not surprised about this it all," says Kelsey.

Click here to follow Kelsey and see the first three products she showcased during the segment debut on ABC12 News at Noon.

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