Would you know what to do if you encountered a wrong way driver?

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FLINT TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (01/07/19) -- This past weekend, a family of 5 from metro Detroit were killed on their way back from a Florida vacation by a wrong way driver.

Would you know what to do if you were driving and saw a wrong way driver coming at you?

"If you see something funny or see headlights that look like they're coming at you, then you need to move over to the right or move away from that vehicle," said Michigan State Police Sergeant Rick Jones.

It may seem like common sense, but Jones says time is of the essence and one wrong move could mean the difference between life and death.

"Call 911, don't turn around, because you're going to cause more of a problem that way and let us know."

Sgt. Jones says there's something else you should avoid doing, and that's slamming on the brakes.

"A lot of times when you do that, you lose control of the vehicle, cause now you're skidding versus the way we break and maneuver the cars."
People forget the faster you go, the longer it starts doubling the amount of stopping time that it takes for you to do," he said.

Jones says the majority of wrong way drivers are driving under the influence, but not all of them.

"Elderly sometimes, they'll get confused or sometimes with people with medications, you know when they're having a medical issue."

And if you think wrong way driving only happens at night, think again.
Jones says most wrong way drivers during the day are suffering a medical issue, whereas at night, it's more likely to be a drunk driver.
Nonetheless, it's up to you to make sure your aware of your surroundings.

"Don't drive in front of you, drive down the road, that's what we do, is make sure you know what's going on down the road, not just what's in front of your car," Jones said.

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