"Yellow" app for teens raises safety concerns

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UNDATED (WJRT) - (08/17/17) - "There's just so much chances that a child could wind up in a wrong situation because of an app like that," said Michigan State Police Trooper Rick Jones.

Each "Yellow" user creates a profile with their age, birthday, location and pictures. Based off that information, the user swipes left to pass on the friendship and right to try to connect. If both users swipe right, they match and can start chatting.

"They're not even the age of consent sexually and it's not something that I think they should have, you know, available to them," Jones said.

He says he has no doubt sex offenders and human traffickers are already creating fake profiles.

"You know, they can pull the young child's picture off the internet and put it as their profile picture and then start chatting with other younger children," Jones said.

Plus, he says allowing access to your location makes it easier for those predators to find your child.

"You know, I start chatting, ask, ‘Are your parents home?’" he said. "Well now, I could show up and either assault a child or take the child, you know, they're not ready for that kind of thing."

Parents agree, saying young teenagers don't always realize people are lying to them.

"They're vulnerable and they're naïve. They don't realize what they could be exposing themselves to," said mom Sue Arceo.

"That's just really, really scary. Anybody can get on there, anybody can see. I don't think it should be allowed at all,” said grandma Sharon Wood.

Jones says this is one more reason parents should be monitoring their child's phone use, and he says there are several apps that can help you do that.

He suggested: MMGuardian, Norton, PhoneSheriff, Eset, Qustudio and Net Nanny.

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