Young girls create non-profit 'Project Purpose' to help others

GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - The soup kitchen isn't where most would expect to find 20 teenagers on a nice summer day.

Teenager, Abby Schell is changing that.

"We just started social media accounts and sign up forms," says Abby.

A few weeks after getting started, nearly 25 teenagers found their purpose through Project Purpose.

"Every month they're going to do a project, rally their friends in the community and other youth that they possibly don't know, and find some way to give back," says Abby's mom, Beth Schell.

Beth and her husband often challenge their four daughters to find something productive to do each summer. This year though, they thought.

"We were just sitting in the den one day and we just thought was a good way to spend our summer, and we thought of making our non-profit," says Abby's sister, Ella.

Their non-profit organization Project Purpose. Helping young adults get involved in their communities.

"My mom brought it up to me, she tagged me in one of their Instagram posts and thought I should do it," says one volunteer. "She actually didn't think I would want to do, but I was like, yeah I really would."

While many of the volunteers didn't know each other, that didn't matter because the focus was on the people being served at the North End Soup Kitchen.

"John said anytime they get big groups like ours, they give them multiple things," says Beth. "So they're preparing dinner and they will be serving it. Only half are working on the actual prep of the dinner, the other half is putting together take home bags for folks that really have the need and need the meals."

The volunteers are coming from all over Genesee County, most have never met, but they say they already share a bond.

"I know some kids if they go to my school," says Abby. "We just talked to each other and introduced ourselves and it just has been a really great experience."

While the organization is just getting started, they're not stopping anytime soon. They plan to continue expanding as time goes on.

"I'll tell my friends about it and it will probably make them want to do it as well. Some people just don't hear about it, which is why they don't do it, its not like they don't want to," says one volunteer. "Getting the word around and having more things like this will definitely get more people to do it and I think my friends will like to do it too."

While the Schell sisters created the non profit as just an idea for the summer, they want to continue giving back to the community through these kinds of events all year.

You can find more details on additional volunteer experiences on their Facebook page.