Youth baseball league possibly returning to Flint this summer

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FLINT (WJRT) (2/26/2018) - The Flint City Council is looking to form a partnership with a youth organization to operate a summer youth baseball program in the city beginning this year.

The games would be played at the Hardenbrook Park on the city's north side.

The Flint Jackson Park Youth League would oversee the program. According to their Facebook page, the organization aims to inspire children through athletics to acquire life skills, such as discipline and teamwork.

Residents at Hardenbrook Park on Monday were excited about the prospect of a new summer activity.

"It'll be good for the little kids because there isn't too much to do," said Alexander Givens. "A lot of kids be up here in the summer and it'll be hot, so it would be good."

Keith Jackson agreed.

"It would be a good outlet for the children so they have something else to do," he said.

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