GOOD KIDS: YouthQuest Summer Camp giving Flint students a chance to explore future career options

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (07/18/17) - While the healthcare debate rages in Washington, a group of students right here in Flint is getting their first experience scrubbing in and entering the OR.

It's all made possible, at no charge, thanks to grant-funding through the C.S. Mott Foundation and the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants.

As ABC12's Amy Hybels explains, "YouthQuest Summer on the Road" is giving high school students a chance to try different careers on for size.

During their two week experience here the high school participants will be able to explore careers in cosmetology, manufacturing, videography, and healthcare.

"Does anyone remember these," asks instructor Danielle Duncan.

This is a pop quiz 17-year old Brianna Jones and 16-year old Zykia Upchurch do not want to fail.

"I really want to grow up to be a surgeon," explains Upchurch, "I really want to help people."

In order to learn more about her dream career, the 16-year old is helping herself by taking part in the YouthQuest summer camp so she can learn more about career offerings in the health care field.

"It actually helps you and you can have fun at the same time," she explains.

Today the kids are scrubbed in --learning more about what a surgical technologist does in regards maintaining a sterile operating room environment.

"She made us scrub our nails," noted 17-year old Brianna Jones who is daring to dream big.

"There's a couple of things I want to be when I get older," she explained, "like being a pediatrician and a doctor."

"I think it's fantastic - as a woman - that we promote the male dominated fields - for the girls to say whey I not be a surgeon," noted Baker College Instructor Danielle Duncan who oversees the program for Surgical technologists at the school.

Duncan says learning opportunities outside of a classroom setting provide invaluable lessons.

"These are great kids," she noted,"and these kids from Flint that really need a community that mentors these students, and really shows students we have a lot to offer here."

The students will cap off their experience with a four day bus trip to Washington, DC July 30-August 2nd.

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