ZZ Top continues on after Gregg Allman has to pull out of co-headlining tour

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CLARKSTON (WJRT) - (08/16/2016) - "I've known Billy Gibbons and Dusty (Hill) and them, I've known them since neither one of us had two nickels to rub together," Gregg Allman says of what was supposed to be his co-headliners for the summer, ZZ Top. "We were both really down and out."
Both that little 'ol band from Texas and Allman have come a long way since those days in the late-60s playing in the Laurel Canyon outside of Los Angeles. And both have had to deal with injuries, illnesses and having to cancel tours over the past couple years. And that string of bad luck has hit again, as Gregg Allman had to back out of the tour after being hospitalized a couple weeks ago. But ZZ Top is continuing on, and playing as scheduled Wednesday at DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston.
Before his illness, Allman granted ABC12 a phone interview, which we wanted to still include share with visitors to our website.
For the last couple years since the Allman Brothers Band stopped touring in 2014, Gregg has been concentrating solely on his solo career, and he says he's enjoyed creating music the way he's always wanted.
"It's wonderful, believe me. It's where I was going all the time, with horns and the whole bit. My brother started the Allman Brothers, I remember when he called me, he said, 'I got two drummers!' I went, 'Two full sets of drummers? Are you kiddin' me?' And he says, 'And I got another lead guitar player!' And I thought, 'What have you done man? All these guitars and drums and guitars and drums and more guitars and more drums.' So now I'm back on an even keel, this is what i've always wanted is a good horn band."
Of course, that guitar and drum band ended up working out pretty well, and even the dream ensemble Gregg has assembled now is directly connected to the legacy of the music he and his brother Duane helped create.
"All these guys in my band have played my music before. And a couple of 'em, the reason they're in the music business at all is because of me and the rest of the Allman Brothers."

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