Zumbini class helps babies develop social and cognitive skills

DAVISON (WJRT) (3/13/2019) - Zumbini is considered "Happy Hour" for parents and their babies.

It's designed like popular Zumba exercise classes for adults, but pared down for the youngest children. Parents can sing, dance and bond with their children all in one.

"I've absolutely loved it. I work full-time so it's always our time together," Erika Bryant said.

She and her daughter, Addison, have attended Zumbini class a little over a year. The class caters to children ranging from birth to 4 years old.

"I get some moms that will message me and say, 'My child is only 3 months old or 2 months old.' Bring them, the children are listening," said instructor Briana Barnett.

The class involves music and movement, helping babies learn how to express their feelings. It's a way to promote cognitive, social and motor skills.

"With a happy song, the kids are upbeat or we will do a breakfast song, what foods you don't like, I don't like peas so blah nasty," Barnett said.

Not only will the class enhance a baby's growth, whatever the baby learns in class can help in other areas. Baby Addison was in physical therapy for a birth injury while still going to Zumbini class.

"I swear this helped more than anything else. The movement, grabbing things -- it was amazing. Even her doctors agreed," Bryant said.

The session opens up conversation between parents who attend the class.

"We talk about our kids, see how they're doing and just having fun with each other," Bryant said.

Sessions take place at Fun 2B Fit Studio at 1444 N. Irish Road in Davison. A demo class is March 16 from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. and the full session begins March 23.

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