A pot-bellied pig finds a new home near an apple orchard

Published: Aug. 31, 2018 at 5:54 PM EDT
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(8/31/18) - Pets can get scared during nasty weather and some outside may even run away.

But it was quite a suprise what one Clayton Township couple found at their home earlier this week.

This little stinker seems quite content as he nibbles on apples and even some donuts.

It was Tuesday night when this pot-bellied pig showed up in the yard of Ron & Amalie (Emily) Hess's home that borders Almar Orchards on Duffield Rd., after some storms rolled through their Clayton Township neighborhood.

"It was actually really weird. I walked out there and the pig runs right up to me. I'm like, I have no idea who you are," said Ron Hess.

The Hess's put the polite porker in their dog run area where he's being cared for.

"And he's great. It's surprising like most pigs when you go to pick them up, they squeal. This guy, you can pick him up and carry him and he doesn't, no reaction whatsoever," Hess added.

Almar Orchards, where Ron's wife Amalie works, put out an APB on facebook, to try and find the owner of this unusual pet.

"It was definitely someone's pet. My daughters they play with him. He's so friendly. We're not really sure where he came from.

We've been trying to find his owners but we've haven't had any luck yet," commented Amalie Hess.

As luck would have it, this porker couldn't have stepped into a better situation.

"Well, if we can't find his owners, which we would be more than happy if we could find his owners, I'm sure he's going to come live with us, because my daughters really get a kick out of him,"added Amalie Hess.

"It's kind of cool because he actually mark matches our dog's markings, which is really interesting, you know the two of them together is pretty funny," added Ron Hess.

Hopefully this little piggy will find his way back to his home.

If you know of anyone missing this pot-bellied pig, please have them call Almar Orchards.

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