Keeping your pets safe during the eclipse

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) If you have a pet, you'll want to make sure they're indoors during the solar eclipse.

People play with their dogs at Dubuque dog park on Saturday, August 19

PetMed Veterinarian Robin Mundt says she hasn't heard of an animal's eyes being injured from viewing an eclipse.

"In general, it hasn't traditionally in the past been an issue for pets. For the most part they aren't looking up at the sun as a matter of habit," she explained.

But just because dogs don't usually look up at the sky, doesn't mean you shouldn't take precautions.

If you're viewing the eclipse in a large group and your dog is present, they might look up because everyone else is.

She said, "a lot of people are pointing or looking or talking, that's probably where it's going to be more of a problem and you may in that instance have a pet who looks up. And their retinas are very similar to ours and they're gonna be susceptible to the same sort of damages to their eye as we are."

Mundt says she's keeping her dog Cheyenne inside that day.

"They're not going to appreciate it anyways so just leave them in the house," she said.

Dubuque mom Keri Gockel says she hasn't even thought of her pet while preparing for the eclipse.

"As a mother for our children that's something that we think about, honestly never crossed my mind in terms of the pets and their safety," she said.

Gockel says she will most likely keep her dog Rizzo inside that day.