Family could be forced from home over smell

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ADRIAN, Mich. (WTVG) - A family in Adrian, Michigan might need to look for a new place to live soon because of a smell. They are fighting back, trying to stay in their home.

The Glores received notice that because of the stench, they need to be out of their home by the end of the month.

"I was furious. They're putting my mom and dad out on the streets. We have nowhere to go," said Jeff Glore.

He’s most concerned about his parents, Betty and Dale, because both have lived there for about 12 years.

"It made me mad, made me mad," said Dale Glore.

"I think it's crazy, nonsense! I've had the apartment cleaned," said Betty Glore.

The Glores said they were told neighbors complained about the smell. They argue it's normal wear and tear. It's also not clear what sort of smell should or can lead to an eviction.

"I want to stay here because we have nowhere to go. We have no car," said Jeff Glore.

What does management say? Managers would not comment citing privacy issues. The Glores are very public; they want to stay.

"For them to get up and be thrown on the street, it'll probably kill them," said Jeff Glore.

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