Grand Blanc Community Schools $86 million renovations move to the next phase

GRAND BLANC (WJRT) (5/5/202) - Grand Blanc's athletic facilities are going to be getting a huge upgrade in the sum of about $86 million in renovations.

The upgrades will include new turf football field and moving the new football field to where the soccer field is located.

Grand Blanc Community Schools Superintendent Clarence Garner says those won't be the only renovations.

"Our current soccer field will actually be a new state of the art stadium with turf and that will be attached to a aquatic center," he said. "We'll have a practice field for our band that will be turf field for our band. Sports that often don't get thought about are our softball team and our baseball team, all of those fields will be getting turf. Our lacrosse will now get to play on turf."

The Future Is Now project was proposed three years ago and finally got the nod to start construction. Besides upgrades to the athletic fields, all Grand Blanc Community Schools are getting a makeover.

"We have over 400 classrooms in Grand Blanc and they will all be getting new furniture, air conditioning for three buildings that don't have it. The list goes on and on," Garner said. "What we talk here in Grand Blanc is whether you live in the north, south, east or west in this district all of our buildings will be impacted by this bond. We're just overwhelmed with joy that our community supported it."

After the Grand Blanc community voted 59% in favor of the zero-mill increase bond, taxes won't be raised for residents as construction gets underway.

"The surprise was the turnout. We had just over 25% or 26% of registered voters came out and voted. This was the largest turnout for a May election I believe in the history of our school district," said Garner.

He said the plan will take around six years to fully execute and will be in three phases. The first phase will be about $48 million with changes to the school buildings and the new athletic complexes.

Still, the Bobcat community believes it will be well worth the wait.

"This more than about Grand Blanc schools, but really about the community of Grand Blanc," said Garner.